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Bichnakandi, a village situated near India-Bangladesh Border has become a very exhilarating destination for many tourists these days.

Bichnakandi, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Bichnakandi, Sylhet, Bangladesh

The place is approximately 40 KM from Sylhet city and you can hire a micro or CNG from ambarkhana which will take you to your destination. As the road is not that well-structured the journey can be a bit tiring. The CNG will cost you around BDT.600 and a micro around BDT.1800 . However it takes around 2 hours to get to the Guainghat from where you need to take a boat that will take you to Bichanakndi. The boat journey can cost you from BDT.1000 to BDT.1500 depending on your talent to bargain. As you get in to the boat you will see some mesmerizing scenic beauty around you. You will see the accommodation of the village people are made a bit higher than usual so that their residence don’t drown in the water. The boat ride may take you around 30 to 40 min and the closer you get you will see the mountains that divides Bangladesh from India.

Bichnakandi, Sylhet, Bangladesh

And also in the way you will see the stones from the river are gathered in a place so that they can be sent to different parts of Bangladesh for different business purposes. These mountains are said to be different layers of Khasi Mountain that will take your soul to a different world. Weird huh!! How a mountain and its beauty have created an unseen wall between two nations. However due to a place very close to the border the people are not allowed to go on the mountains as it’s not safe for anyone. But in certain times of year the mountains are open to visit for an hour or so and if you are lucky you might drop in the same day to travel. Yet not everyone is fit enough to climb through this mountains so be cautious if you intend to do that. After all you never know what an unknown surprise the mountain might be having for you on the way of exploring it.

However the waterfall that have created a beautiful gorge and traveled all the way to Guainghat River is pretty far from the main spot. The nature has created a very strangely beautiful rift between the river and the gorge created by the waterfall and the stones have had a contribution to it. In rainy season it’s really hard to keep your balance in the water as the stream is very strong. As the water travels from a different country and touches your feet, a strange feeling will hit you with lot of beautiful thoughts .The heavy stream and stones makes it tough to walk or swim in the water .And if you lose your balance you can hit yourself with the big stones and get seriously injured. So if you are willing to go deep in the water make sure you have the perfect partner to keep your balance right. The crystal clear water is a perfect thing that you need to wash away all your tiredness after a stressful journey. And yes don’t miss out the chance to drink the pure mineral water from the lap of mother nature. Despite the distance between the waterfall and gorge the stream is still very strong for a person to keep balance then imagine how dangerous it can be near the main waterfall. However if you want you can find a place to stay and enjoy the night beauty of this place though there are no hotels here. But the local people are very welcoming to their guests and they can surely help you with the accommodation. You can spend the night staring at the mountains while sitting near the campfire. You will also find a restaurant that is made in a plane and is floating in the river. You can enjoy your dinner or lunch there if you are looking for a good place to eat. However on your way back home you will feel a void in your heart after all leaving a place like this behind is not very easy for anyone. Imagine growing up on those mountains and swimming on that waterfall every day, such a beautiful childhood is not it????

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