Sylhet, Bangladesh
Sylhet, Bangladesh

Sylhet, a metropolitan city in the northeastern part of Bangladesh is full of ravishing tourist spot and is extremely famous for its tea in the world. You can ride in to a bus or train to get to this city and the distance is not much from Dhaka. It takes around about 5 hours to reach Sylhet city and road is extremely well preserved by the government so no need to worry. However in the way you might enjoy Bhoirob Bridge as its one of the beautiful river and bridge in Bangladesh. As you reach the city you can hop in to suitable hotel and you will find a lot of option in Dargah gate. However the destinations in Sylhet are quiet far from the city so you have to start early in the morning. A CNG will be advised to visit this destinations and the CNG can be reserved in exchange of BDT.1500 to BDT.2000 taka. You can start your journey with Ratargul as the destination is around 1 hour from the city.

Ratargul, Sylhet, Banglades

The road is very well preserved so it won’t be an issue. As you reach Ratargul you need to hire a boat that will take you to the main spot and the boat ride will cost you around BDT.600 to BDT.1000 . The cost depends on how well do you negotiate with them. Ratargul is one of the few fresh water swap forest in the world and this one is full of snakes and insects that probably you have never seen but is very much safe if you listen to the instructions given to you by the boatmen. However there is a watch tour form which you can see the entire Ratargul swamp forest and an hour tour is enough to cover this beautiful destination. Then you can start for Bichnakandi which is around one hour from Ratargul and this time journey can be very hectic for you, so buckle up.

Bichnakandi, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Once you will reach the Gowanighat you will need to hop into a boat that will take you to the spot and it will take around 30 to 40 min to reach. Bichankandi is a place near to the border of India and it is a gorge made from waterfall that is in India. The combination of rock and cold water of waterfall made a heavenly place to visit and the mountains around it will take you to paradise. But be careful while swimming as the current of water is very strong and can wash you away .you can also visit panthughumai which is another waterfall very near to Bichanakandi but due to border issue you can get there only at certain times. However it will take a whole day to visit this two attractions so by the time you will get back to the city it will be evening. So take your dinner somewhere around and restore your energy for the next day. The next day you can start with Shahparan majar. Lalakhal and Jaflong as this all spots are on the same root.

Jaflong, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Now you can again reserve a CNG and go to the Shahparan majar first. It takes around 20 minutes to reach and after that you have to walk to the majar as after certain point transportation is not allowed. The majar is in top of the mountain so while you will be getting down it can be a bit messy for you. Now it won’t take more than 20 minutes to get done with the formalities of the majar and then you can start for Jaflong. On the way you can get down and see the Lalakhal which is known for its emerald green and pristine color water. You can take a boat from sarighat and enjoy the view of tea garden while boating through the canal. There is a local village and areca nut garden for a visit. An hour tour is enough in Lalakhal after that you can start for your ultimate destination Jaflong. The road to Jaflong is badly damaged so the journey will very hectic and tiring for you. Jaflong is a hill station near the bordes of India and a bridge divides us from the India. You will see that the villages which are very much visible and close to Jaflong are India and yet the border is at peace. The place is safe for people and you will be in two countries in the same time. That’s why Jaflong is also called zero point. There is a waterfall called Songrampunji in Jaflong which is actually in the soil of india yet open for the tourist. So if you can take a bath in this waterfall as it’s an experience of a lifetime. However Sylhet is basically known for its tea gardens so if you want to enjoy the true beauty of tea gardens and the life of the people who work there then go to Srimongol . As this part of city is mainly used for the harvesting of tea in large scale and also you can spend a night in the tea estate. You can also visit the mountain of fire and Madhobkundo waterfall depending on your schedule. Sylhet is a city of wonderful tourist spot that have mountains, waterfalls and what not so do not miss a chance to visit this paradise once in your life.

Srimongol, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Srimongol, Sylhet, Bangladesh


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